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The blogger who was playing Pokemon Go in the temple was transferred to prison

The measure of the video blogger, Ruslan Sokolovsky's, restraint was changed from house arrest to detention until 23th January 2017, by Kirov District Court of Ekaterinburg. Thus, the court granted the petition of the prosecution.

This information was provided by lawyer Alexei Bushmakov. Earlier it was reported that the prosecution is going to demand the arrest of the defendant. The reason for this was the visit of the blogger's bride during his house arrest, who came to congratulate him on his birthday.

Let us recall that on 9th September Ruslan Sokolovsky was released from prison and put on house arrest. The young man is accused of incitement of hatred on religious grounds (Part 1 art. 282 of the Criminal Code) and insult of religious feelings (Part 2 art. 148 of the Criminal Code) with a total term of imprisonment of up to five years. The Investigative Committee of Russia reported that spy equipment, a pen with hidden recording means, was found during the search of his apartment. In the meantime, the Ekaterinburg diocese has called the prisoner to "repent the committed blasphemy ".

Commentary from Alexey Kozlov, the expert of the project

The authorities always use more repressive restrictions on freedom in politically motivated cases. Certainly, this is the video blogger Sokolovsky's case.

As it seems, this case will be an exemplary proceeding under the "offending religious feelings" law. That is why it is partly closed and that is why even minor violations lead to a change in restraint measures. Based on the lower interest in this case, law enforcement officers intend to close it.

Their goal is clear - to avoid possible disappearance of Sokolovsky and get a confession of guilt from him, and the fact that he is being held in a detention facility is contributing to this; many international human rights organizations have equated his detention in prison to torture.

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