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Anti-corruption Foundation (FBK)

The FBK is a non-profit organization in Russia, dedicated to investigation and publication of theft from the state budget. The FBK considers the elimination of corruption its goal. The Fund was registered on September 9, 2011.

The only source of funding for the organization are the donations of its supporters. According to Vladimir Ashurkov, the founders of the fund gained experience in a public and transparent collection of funds, organizing the financing of the project "RosPil". A considerable amount was collected through the "Yandex" payment system, providing the finances for the project for a year. At the same time, the creators of the Fund are working on the idea of attracting professional lawyers and economists on an ongoing basis to search and suppress the corruption schemes in the public procurement system. The contractual framework will provide some guarantees in contrast to the schemes of work with volunteers.

In April 2012, the creators of the fund estimated the annual budget at approximately 300 000 USD. If more funds are raised, the fund is planning to expand.

During 2013, the fund collected 23 million rubles from donations. Fund budget as of 2014 was 3 million rubles per month.

The founders of the Fund pledged to publish an initial list of people who contributed to the fund. The first public donors to the fund on February 13, 2012 were a son of the founder of "VimpelCom", a businessman Boris Zimin, (he confirmed that he had already donated 300,000 rubles and will give about the same amount each month) and the former manager of "Alfa-Group", Vladimir Ashurkov (he confirmed that he had donated 300,000 rubles). On May 30, 2012, the list of the first 16 sponsors of the foundation was published:

1 Vladimir Ashurkov (executive director of the fund)
2 Roman Borisovich (vice-president of "Rosgosstrakh" LLC)
3 Dmitry Bykov (a writer)
4 Sergei Grechishkin (managing partner of Alcantara Asset Management)
5 Sergei Grieving (former rector of the Russian Economic School)
6 Ekaterina Zhuravskaya (professor at the Paris School of Economics and New Economic School)
7 Boris Zimin (an entrepreneur)
8 Kyril Irtyuga (partner of "RosinvestOtel")
9 Alexander Lebedev (chairman of the board of directors, "National Reserve Corporation")
10 Artyom Lyubimov (First Deputy General Director of "Big City" accounting services)
11 Leonid Parfyonov (journalist)
12 Pavel Prosyankin (financier)
13 Aleksey Savchenko (Director of Strategic Planning "Alfa Group" Consortium)
14 Denis Sokolov (entrepreneur)
15 Yarutov Viktor Vladimirovich (businessman, co-owner of "Nyenskans" Group of Companies)
16 Grigoriy Chkhartishvili [10] writer


The Fund employs about 30 people. They investigate and disclose corruption schemes and the examples of illegal enrichment, as well as lodge complaints to the Investigative Committee, the Prosecutor's Office and the utilities.

The staff and volunteers of the Fund provide projects "RosZhKKH" and "RosYama" with work (fixing pits on the roads and devastation in apartment blocks), "RosPil" (disclosure of illegal schemes in the expenditure of budgetary funds), "RosVybory", "RosAgit" "Good Truth Machine "(2012, originally Good Propaganda Machine)," # 20" (for criminalization of illicit enrichment).

The fund has its own sociological service, which is engaged in carrying out independent telephone interviews on topical issues, and the legal department, which makes bills, complaints and accompanies lawsuits.

The director of the Fund is Roman Rubanov. From February 2012, the executive director of the Fund has been Vladimir Ashurkov.

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