This Project launched to inform international audiences about recent developments in Russia. We will offer English-language translations of important analytics, research, and news pieces coming from the Russian regional media sphere. Also we create a catalogue of Russian businesses, organizations, and figures in order to provide context for you.

We monitor Russian regional media sites and blogs in order to select news updates and long-form investigative pieces for translation in order to make timely and important pieces available to international audiences and decision makers. We can select no fewer than three pieces per week for translation and commentary. Suggested topics include updates and analyses of domestic politics in Russia, the persecution of Russian civil society and difficulties facing journalists and activists, and information about the domestic practices and behavior of Russian businesses and businessmen, and the ties between each of these topics. We focus on anti-corruption and kleptocracy, in addition to research on human rights and sociological and socio-economic issues. We offer additional analysis from Russian experts in order to provide context for you.

We have big network of contacts in Russia, which include widely respected human rights organizations, regional media and regional experts.

We provide context to you by developing a directory on relevant Russian figures. Potential subjects for the catalogue include Russian businesses, businessmen, human rights organizations, media, bloggers, political parties, and politicians. We hope that you will use Catalog to enhance your knowledge of the situation on the ground in Russia and, for businessmen in particular, to make better-informed decisions about business practices and policies toward Russia.

Head of Project, Alexander Elkin